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One significant draw to solar as a clean energy source for residential and commercial properties is that solar panels are a durable and hands-off technology. However, they do need some regular maintenance to retain their full energy generation capabilities for as long as possible.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

The average solar energy system lasts 25 to 30 years, with standard manufacturer warranties lasting 25 years or less. Without any maintenance, that life span will be significantly reduced — and if maintained regularly, your solar panels could theoretically last up to 40 years before requiring replacement.

Benefits of Solar Panel Maintenance

Regular solar panel maintenance is sometimes a requirement for warranties, but it has several benefits for home and business owners as well, as it:

  • Restores energy efficiency
  • Maximizes system life span
  • Improves aesthetic appeal
  • Provides a chance for inspection

Maintenance keeps your system healthy and generating energy reliably throughout its life span. It also keeps you alert to any solar panel repair or replacement needs.

What Happens During Solar Panel Maintenance?

The main goal of solar panel maintenance is to get your panels sparkling clean. With Arizona’s dry and dusty climate and low rainfall rates, dirt can get caked on quickly.

Maintenance technicians will ensure your panels are squeaky clean so various films and other debris don’t compromise your system’s energy generation. While on your roof, technicians will also inspect for any visual signs of damage from weather or other impact sources.

Your solar inverter is also exposed to dirt and dust and can become damaged over time. A technician will clean the inverter and, if necessary, clean or replace the air intake filter for proper function.

Why Schedule Professional Solar Maintenance?

As a supplemental practice, aiming the water hose at your solar panels for a periodic rinse is a good idea — but that’s not enough to keep them in prime condition. There will always be nooks and crannies you can’t see well, where debris can continue to build up until a more thorough cleaning eliminates it.

Professional solar maintenance requires specialized equipment and is much more efficient than any DIY attempt, keeping potential injuries out of the picture. For the greatest convenience, safety, and efficacy, professional solar maintenance is the best option.

When you’re ready to schedule solar panel maintenance, choose Independent Solar. Our specialists will use their years of experience to fine-tune your system for optimal performance.

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Solar technician installing a solar panel on a residential home in Arizona.

Despite solar panels being a decades-old technology, the growing enthusiasm surrounding solar power is becoming more prevalent every day. As this energy solution becomes more widely available to homeowners, more questions are popping up about affordability and whether they’re a good idea.

While solar installation is undoubtedly a big decision and a significant investment, the verdict you’ll find everywhere is that it’s an excellent investment for nearly every home.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The biggest question on most homeowners’ minds is how much of an investment they’ll be expected to make in their new solar panel system. In Arizona, you’ll pay about 52% less for solar equipment today than you would have 10 years ago.

A 10kW system to power a home of 1,500 square feet is an average of just over $26,100, while a 15kW system to run a 2,500 square foot home averages a little more than $39,000.

While the numbers may seem daunting, don’t forget that you can take advantage of the federal tax credit that covers up to 30% of solar installation — and Arizona provides a credit with a maximum that can take another $1,000 off the system cost.

The state also provides a property tax exemption on your increased home value and an equipment sales tax exemption to sweeten the deal. In other words, going solar is more affordable than ever.

What Is the ROI on Solar Panels in AZ?

One of the differences in calculating returns with solar is that there’s no waiting around for your investment to start paying off. The second you switch on your solar energy system, you’re already recouping the money you would have paid toward your electric bills.

Another factor is that homes in Arizona use significantly more power per month than homes in other states due to intensive heat, upping air conditioning use. For that reason, solar panels replacing grid use will provide a higher ROI than in most other areas.

On average, you can expect your solar panels to finish paying for themselves in six to 10 years. Factor in that they’ll keep saving you hundreds on electricity for their life span of anywhere from 25 to 40 years (depending on the quality of your panels), and it’s clear that going solar is worth it.

With financing options also available, solar power is accessible to homeowners on a wide range of incomes.

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If you’re interested in going solar and learning more about the factors that will affect your ROI, Independent Solar is here to help. Serving all of Arizona, we have the expertise to offer an unbeatable guarantee for the lowest cost per watt in the state. We’ll meet or beat any competitor’s proposal and even throw in $1,000 cash back after you go with us for installation.

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