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Solar Panel Companies in Phoenix, Arizona

Independent Solar

Maricopa County Solar Panel Installations

Independent Solar is Your Premier Solar Company in Phoenix who offers both Affordable and Efficient Solar at $0 Down. Your solar panel installation experts.

Independent Solar’s parent company, Havasu Solar, installed the 1st Grid Tied residential solar system in Mohave County, back in 2003. Meaning, we have many years of experience in designing, installing & servicing solar electric systems.

Solar power installation is our specialty at Independent Solar. We don’t wire houses, we don’t do plumbing or pool solar. We are Arizona’s Solar Electric Specialists.

Independent Solar will assist our smart customers in making affordable low-cost electricity using the Highest Quality brands in the industry. Our discerning customers say goodbye to ever increasing utility bills, and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that low cost electricity provides.

Who has the best solar panel systems in Arizona?

Independent Solar in Phoenix has highest quality products and services to save you money. We know that your home is your most important investment, and we always take that seriously. Let Independent Solar install your residential solar panel system and make sure the curb appeal of your property is enhanced.  Remember, the longer you wait, the less you save!

Our reputation is the finest in Arizona. Each Member of our Design and Install team holds an Advanced Solar Install and Advanced Solar Design certification, so you can be confident that you have the finest most advanced energy saving solar panel installation for your fine home.

Independent Solar is family owned and operated, with local crews and all systems are designed and installed by local residents. We are your neighbors. Because of our long history in the community, you likely know someone we’ve installed. We have installations across the state.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee the Lowest Cost Per Watt in Arizona!  We will meet or beat any competitor’s proposal with the same brand, and we’ll rebate you $500.00 after the installation!

Your solar panel installation pros at Independent Solar are state licensed and install statewide. We know your home is important to you. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Take Advantage Of Arizona’s 300+ Sunny Days And Harness The Power Of The Sun. Simple, Easy, And Worry-Free. Go Solar Today! 

Looking for a Solar panel companies in Arizona? Independent Solar is Your Premier Solar Panel Installation Company in Phoenix, offering Affordable and Efficient Solar at $0 Down. Maricopa County Solar Panel Installations.


Are you tired of that unpredictable and increasing utility bills?

A lot of our customers have gotten rid of that old utility bill and you can to, contact us today to get your FREE solar home evaluation.

Why Solar Energy System

A solar energy system uses the renewable energy of the sun, reducing energy costs, pollution, and fossil fuels dependence.

Why Independent Solar

Say yes to Independent Solar; say yes to elegant, efficient solar. Our pride and commitment ensures great service and savings for you. We are your solar panel installation experts.

Get Started for $0 Down

Yes, you can get your Independent Solar energy system installed for $0 down! Whether it is cash, lease, or loan, we offer a range of finance options for you.

With Independent Solar, you can rest assured that every measure will be taken to provide you with elegant, powerful and beautiful solar at the best value.

We Respect Your Main Reason for Going Solar… Saving Money!

Many of our customers come to us for one main reason – saving money. We not only work to cut your monthly energy bills, we also do it for less money up front over our competitors. Our solar panel installation experts are well-versed in the ways we can save you, including tax credits and solar funding and incentives.

  • Free Estimate and $0 Down

  • Our Systems are Guaranteed for 25 Years

  • We Installed the Largest Residential System in Mohave County

  • 3 Effective Options Available to Fund Your Solar

  • Solar Panel Installation Experts

  • Gain Control of Your Skyrocketing Electricity Costs

  • Guaranteed Lowest Price Per Watt

  • Save Money, Look Elegant and Increase the Value of Your Home

You‘ve been thinking about going solar for a while now. It’s time to make the first step towards generating your own electric power and saving money. Let us help you make the move to clean, affordable and reliable energy.